About Hamona

Hamona is established by concerned parents with a motto” Second home for our kids."  The form of Hamona establishment is neither sole proprietorship nor private limited company. It is truly share company of parents. 


‘To be the second home and the right grooming place for the next generation”


  1. To provide 21st century’s compliant quality education
  2. To grow up kinds morally and educationally
  3. To enable students for innovation
  4. To use innovative & new technologies for better educational process.  


  1. To make sure that each student has problem solving capability
  2. To make students responsible for their own as well as other
  3. To make sure that student innovation will contribute for their own lively hood and their Country
  4. To make sure that all inclusive curriculum is developed
  5. To make sure that teacher student ration to be not more than 1:10
  6. To make sure that room student ration shall be more than 1:25